Job title: Brand Strategist
Job type: Permanent
Emp type: Full-time
Salary: negotiable
Location: Auckland
Job published: 21-02-2020
Job ID: 32217

Job Description

My client is looking for an intermediate level brand strategist who is all about understanding the 'why' and then the 'how' so as to connect the brand with business to unlock growth.
You must have a strong business background and is also curious, optimistic, proactive, pragmatic and has the ability to think conceptually and creatively.
Specific Duties & Responsibilities

  • Set the context that defines the key question to provide the project direction:
  • Setting the ground work to provide the scope and process for how we are going to answer the clients brief.
  • Assist the senior strategist to set out and organise the strategic approach for the project.
  • Support to help deliver research, competitor analysis and trend data as required by project.
  • Conduct research as and when required as set out by the plan (e.g. stakeholder interviews)
  • Work with the senior strategist & research director on methodology and analysis where and when the project may determine it.
  • Review and analysis of key information as required by the project scope.
  • Assist with the analysis to deliver key issues/question reports to provide direction for the project.

Develop and define the 'how' that answers the 'key question':

  • Work with the Senior Strategist to help define brand/naming/innovation/design/communications/digital strategy to answer the key questions and the business/project objectives.
  • Set up the creative teams for success through collaboration and communication.

Ongoing client strategic support:

  • To lead where appropriate and add genuine value in all meetings, client or internal.
  • To present strategic work confidently and inspirationally as required.
  • To partner with the creative and business team to ensure that the work outputs are linking in with the strategic planning.
  • To demonstrate exceptional prioritisation skills ensuring the focus is on what's truly important.

Skills, experience & Education


  • 7+ years of experience working in a brand/design/strategic or client side in brand & marketing management.
  • Experience in design led thinking
  • Brand & product strategy


  • Proficient in Microsoft Office suite (Word, Excel, PPT, Teams).
  • Useful to also be familiar with Adobe Creative Cloud.
  • Will be trained in design tools if not already familiar (e.g. InDesign etc).

Personal competencies required for this role:

  • Have a strong strategic understanding that enables you to 'add value' to our client's business as well as being able to guide creative work internally.
  • Curious to understand how things work and why they work the way they do.
  • Be proactive in learning new methods and perspectives.
  • Ability to build and nurture strong relationships (externally & internally).
  • Be able to tell the story born from the analysis of information.
  • Able to connect the dots between seemingly disparate and multiple sources.
  • Able to simplify the complex.

Would prefer a degree in Marketing, Arts, Design and/or Communications (or similar) would be beneficial but not mandatory. However, you must have at least 3 years inside brand/design agency experience and be eligible to live/work in NZ.